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Lightless is a platformer game where you explore dark caves and dig your own tunnels to steal treasures from dwarves. Your goal in a level is to find the targeted treasure and get out of the cave before your torch runs out, without getting caught by the dwarves.

Current version is an early prototype and features 2 playable levels.

Made with Unreal Engine 4.

Credits :

Lead & Design: Alexis Audrain (al.audrain33@gmail.com)

Design: Antoine Thiberville

Art: Léa Leroy (lea.lucie.leroy@gmail.com)

Art: Parisea Tekurarere

Prog: Thomas Baudou

Prog: Benoit Estival (benoit.estival@hotmail.com)

Prog: Tiihiva Farnham

Prog: Sébastien Boursier

Install instructions

Unzip files and launch the .exe file.


Lightless_Build.rar 200 MB

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